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Dr. Kaliym Islam


Kaliym Islam is more than just a speaker – he’s a doer, an actual Agile practitioner with credentials as a pioneer in the discipline. Kevin Kurse, the e-Learning Guru, describes him as a “fresh voice among the usual author/guru crowd,” and as someone who, “brings the credibility of someone who makes a living DOING, rather than TELLING.”

When you learn from Kaliym Islam, you’ll learn from an expert in the application of business and technology trends to learning programs. You’ll be able to replicate his unique ability to identify areas where you can implement Agile philosophy into your organization in support of new technologies and business trends. Dr. Islam has a proven and replicable ability to drive companies to new heights of success.

Teams under Dr. Islam’s direction have won awards from Chief Learning Officer Magazine, Brandon Hall, and the International Society for Technical Communication. Dr. Islam himself won the 2015 Learning in Practice award for strategy. If you’d like to learn more about him, he’s also the author of three books:

  • Agile Methodology for Developing and Measuring Learning
  • Developing and Measuring Training the Six Sigma Way
  • Podcasting 101 for Trainers

In addition, he’s contributed to The Field Guide to the 6Ds: How to Use the Six Disciplines to Transform Learning into Business Results, The Encyclopedia of Human Resource Management, Prussience in Six Sigma DUNDU, and The German e-Learning Handbook, and is a featured blogger for Training Industry Inc.

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Our strategic planning process helps learning organizations frame decisions, set priorities, and focus efforts to strengthen and highlight their contribution to the larger organization. We help teams of diverse scope and scale commit to a mission, refine an aspirational vision, and better align resources to achieve sustainable results.

Our collaborative approach to engaging and empowering a broad set of stakeholders enables your organization to identify its unique competitive advantages and capitalize on its strengths. We will help you set clear, achievable, and measurable goals, and arrive at a set of priorities that are responsive to, and aligned with, your aspirations.

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Return on Investment

We provide assistance with the assessment, measurement, and evaluation of learning organizations and learning programs. We conduct impact studies on various educational and training activities and provide independent assessments to determine the most appropriate means to measure reaction, learning, application, impact, ROI, and intangibles.

We help you identify internal barriers and enablers and show you how your learning projects can be more successful. We accomplish this by providing objective advice and access to a standardized approach to program design and evaluation.

Our services include:

  • Performance Evaluation Project Management
  • Coaching and supporting internal program evaluations
  • Educational programs to enhance skills and capabilities

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