Is following the "Golden Rule" making your employees less engaged? 

The Golden Rule is a concept that most of us are familiar with.  It’s the principle of treating others as you want to be treated.


The origins of this philosophy can traced back as far as 1754-1790 BC and the Code of Hammurabi. 


Its tenants exist in every major religion. It is also not unusual for business leaders to espouse this practice as a prerequisite of employee engagement and customer loyalty. 


Fred Reichend, the creator of the Net Promotor System, as an example, refers to the Golden Rule as “the profitable thing to do.” 


The proponents of this belief, however, fail to acknowledge a major flaw in the assumption upon which this philosophy is based.


This assumption frequently causes the practice of the “Golden Rule” to fail. 


What is this assumption? 


Everyone thinks like me


We know this is not true.  As the best selling author Robert Plank points out,  some individuals are listeners and problem solvers. Others are organizers and perfectionists. Some are leaders and deciders. 


Leaders and deciders who treat and communicate with organizers and perfectionists “as they would like to be treated” are likely to experience a result that they’re not prepared for. 


There are some business approaches that implicitly understand this, and as a result, employ systems that enhance the positive attributes of the golden rule while at the same time mitigating its negative effects. 


Six Sigma, for example, employees the concept of the “voice of the business” and the “voice of the customer” to ensure that the perspectives of all stakeholders is captured before embarking on a new initiative.  


Agile addresses the deficiencies of the golden rule by basing its approach to work and interactions on 4 values and 12 principles that ensure people are treated not the way you want to be treated, but the way they want to be treated.


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